Sunday School Ministry

Reverend Quentin Morris Sr., Pastor
Minister E. Johnson, Christian Education Director
Sis. J. Tatum, Sunday School Superintendent
Deacon L. Varner, Asst. Sunday School Superintendent
Sis. M. Ross, Financial Liaison and Secretary

Sunday School is each Sunday at 9:00 A.M.

Classes are divided by men, women, and youth and are located in the fellowship hall, sanctuary, and upstairs classrooms respectively.  Certain classes meet on a special or monthly basis in addition to the aforementioned groups. They are as follows:

Sunday School Classes and Staff
1st Sunday: Shepherd's Hour: all adult classes convene in the sanctuary led by Pastor Morris
2nd Sunday: Young Adult Ministry (YAMs)
2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sundays: New Members

Nursery/ Kdg 2-5 years Sis. A. Parker
Primary 6-8 years Sis. P. Garrison, Asst. Sis. L. Lundy
Junior 9-11 years Sis. D. Bouligny
Intermediate 12-14 years Sis. W. Hopkins
Senior 15-17 years Sis. W. Hopkins
Young  & Intermediate Adult 18-54 years Deac. N. Moon
Singles Adult   TBA
Couples Adult   TBA
New Members Youth   Sis. L. Bryant
New Members Adult   Sis. A. Moon
Men Adult   Deac. G. Bryant
Women Adult   Sis. S. Cutter