Vacation Bible School: the Amazing Road Trip

June 12, 2014

Vacation Bible School is a great blessing to the church. Nightly teachers take their students young and old through the Amazing Road Trip of a Christian journey for daily life. Each lesson begins with scripture, highlights key terms, and gives current scenarios as illustrations. Teachers are creative in their instruction of the class. Perhaps they are putting to use the skills they learned in the COPP course of Creative Ways of Teaching taught last week in TTMBC Christian Leadership School. Classes meet separately for 90 minutes and then the whole school joins together for the lesson recap, bible and Christian flag pledges, and songs. A light dinner feeds the body after the soul has been nourished. Attendance has been around 119 students of all ages. Come out and join us from 6-8PM for two more nights! This is just one of the biblical literacy events in TTMBC Christian Education Month!